People keep falling in love at these airports

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Whether it's John Travolta's Danny Zuko getting "friendly down in the sand" in Summer Lovin or indie legends Blur taking their chances on sunny beaches in mockney anthem Girls and Boys, the soundtrack to a summer romance typically involves a glistening beach, warm waters and blue skies.

Rarely is the spark lit through spotting a hottie in WH Smith as you self-scan a Walkers grab bag and trashy paperback. But those songs were written before the advent of smartphones and weren't we all so innocent back then?

Now, holiday makers in the market for a fling are taking action as soon as they arrive at the airport, according to dating app Happn, which says there has been a surge in love matches taking place on the tarmac.

The app, which lets users scope in on nearby singles via GPS, logged almost 51,000 "crushes" at Europe's most popular airports in July.

It has revealed to the top 10 runways for romantic hook-ups.

Heathrow's place in the top 10 may come as a surprise to anyone who's ever had the pleasure of London's premier landing strip.

It's not an unpleasant airport - but it's perhaps not where everyone would choose a journey of all-consuming passion to begin. Nonetheless, it ranks a very respectable third on the mile-high love chart, with more than 6,000 fliers mutually liking or "crushing" on a fellow passenger there last month.

The winner - the Top Gun if you will - of the summer love story is Amsterdam's Schipol airport, where 9,185 jet-setters made a connection with another turbo traveller in July.

Istanbul checks in at number two for amorous passengers, followed by London, with more than 6,000 matches. Paris, the city of love, lands at a lowly sixth place on the chart, with Scandinavian capital cities Copenhagen and Oslo flying higher at fourth and fifth places respectively.

Top 10 European airports for mutual love matches:

1.    Amsterdam Schipol – 9185 crushes

2.    Istanbul Atatürk – 7483 crushes

3.    London Heathrow – 6053 crushes

4.    Copenhagen – 5718 crushes

5.    Gardermoen (Oslo) – 5293 crushes

6.    Charles de Gaulle (Paris) – 4715 crushes

7.    Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas – 4593 crushes

8.    Lisbon Portela – 4228 crushes

9.    Stockholm-Arlanda – 1886 crushes

10.  Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino (Rome) – 1795 crushes


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