Baby on board! Woman gives birth mid-flight at 42,000ft

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Well, that’s one birth plan that went out of the window.

A pregnant passenger went into labour 11 weeks early on board a Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul - with a little help from cabin crew and fellow travellers.

French-Guinean mother Nafi Diaby was travelling at 42,000 feet on the Boeing 737-900 plane when she began to feel pains.

Airline staff rushed into action and baby girl Kadiju was born 11 weeks early. 

"The mother gave birth while standing, and we received help from several other passengers," said flight attendant Bouthayna Inanir, according to India Today.

The airline tweeted news of its cute stowaway with the announcement: "It's a girl. Welcome on board Princess!"

The mother - who was 28-weeks pregnant - had earlier complained of birthing pains after the plane set off from Guinean capital Conarky, according to the airline.

As the captain made an emergency landing in Ougadougosu, Burkina Faso, cabin crew gathered around mum and baby for a series of heartwarming snaps.

Both mother and daughter were taken straight to hospital and are reported to be in good health, the airline said.

Most airlines, including Turkish Airlines, allows pregnant women to fly up to the 35th week of pregnancy, but a doctor's note is usually required from 28 weeks.

Images: Turkish Airlines


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