Everybody (yeah), are you ready to rock your body on the Backstreet Boys cruise?

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That’s right: Backstreet’s back, just like they always promised us they would be – and, this time, they’re on a boat.

No, we’re not playing games with your heart. In what promises to be the best Nineties boyband-themed holiday ever (y’know, as long as you love boats), the Backstreet Boys have 100% confirmed that they have scheduled a very special cruise from 3 – 7 May 2018.

Hmm. So what exactly is the Backstreet Boys cruise?

Well, not only is it a chance to set adrift on memory bliss (oh yeah, we’re going hard on the lyric-based puns today), but there are a whopping two concerts scheduled for each and every single day of the five-day cruise.

That’s 10 opportunities to watch your favourite boyband perform live on stage deck. 10 of them. And, once they’re finished singing, they can’t scurry off backstage and disappear into the ether – they have zero option but to hang out with you.


Oh yes: Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie D, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell aren’t just going to bring the flavour – they’re also set to spend some quality time with their most die-hard fans. On a boat. A boat which is chartered to sail from Miami to Grand Turk in the Canary Islands.

Is anyone else suddenly fighting the urge to throw their hands up in the air and wave them around like they just don’t care?

Speaking to Refinery 29, AJ explained: “The best part about these cruises is we get to be more hands on and more accessible to our fans and that it something we really pride ourselves on,” he said.

“We love our fans to the utmost. And without our fans we wouldn’t be here for over 24 years.”

If you thought cruises were for your nan and her bingo pals, think again – AJ has promised that the Backstreet Boys boat will be absolutely bananas.

“It is three to four days of debauchery in the middle of the ocean,” he said.

“When I tell you it is crazy — it truly is.”

An excitable AJ also promised to take a selfie with every single person on board – but, just in case he fails to make good on that, you’re guaranteed a photo with the entire band the moment you purchase your ticket.

That very same ticket also entitles you access to all the themed parties, concerts, and food you could possibly want – which probably explains why prices start around £544.

If you still want it that way (and can’t stop picturing yourself on that boat every time you close your eyes), head on over to the it’s packed full of all the information you could possibly need.

We guess we’ll see you on the seven seas in May 2018…

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