The 5 most desired listings on Airbnb, as picked by UK travellers

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Looking for some city break inspiration? 

Although we’re suckers for a fancy hotel (especially those in Paris), Airbnb undeniably has its charms, especially if you’re looking for something a little different. 

From libraries to treehouses, the platform is brimming with quirky accommodation that makes us want to pack our bags quick sharp, and head straight for the airport. 

But although those hidden gems feel so worth it once we’ve found them, they can take some looking, and who wants to trawl through pages and pages to find somewhere special? 

Well, as it’s always better to be tipped off by someone who’s in the know, we thought you might interested to hear that Airbnb have released their 2018 insights and it seems the British public have spoken with some clear favourites when it comes to holiday accommodation. 

According to Airbnb these are the top five most wish-listed listings on the whole website by UK travellers, and considering there are over five million homes on Airbnb across over 81,000 cities in 191 countries, it’s a title not to be sniffed at. 

The homes reside in range of countries, from Greece to France, so all are close enough for a quick weekend city break from the UK - which if you’re thinking about doing, you should check out our budget-friendly flight hacks.

1. Luxury apartment in Riva del Garda

Although the apartment itself is pretty paired back, there’s not much arguing with those views. Perched on the edge of the beautiful Lake Garda in Italy, this accommodation has plenty of space and its own pool, in an unbeatable location.

Capacity: The listing say six, but beware, there’s only beds for four
How much: £66 per night

2. Hector Cave House in Santorini 

If a Greek getaway is what you’re after, this has to be the place. Hector Cave House is a unique listing, carved into the a caldera cliff more than 250 years ago, and was originally used as a wine cellar.

A private veranda gives guests a private space for relaxing and the chance to try out the plunge pool, with views out to the tinkling lights of Santorini. 

Capacity: Ideal for two, but with room for four thanks to two spare single beds
How much: £177 per night

3. Charming house in Bordeaux 

From this forest-side dwelling, those who stay will be surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the birds, beach and sea, with not a traffic jam in sight. 

There’s a beach just 3km away with endless dunes and lots of surfing to be had, but even if you never left the house, we think you’d be pretty damn happy. 

Capacity: Six people
How much: £138

4. Old Smock Windmill in Kent

This rustic and gorgeously decorated windmill couldn’t be a more idyllic place to while away a weekend. The four storey building is laden with original features, like charming beams and the bathroom is home to a stunning, pastel green free standing bath. Heaven.

Capacity: Perfect for two 
How much: £175 per night

5. Private riad in Marrakesh

If a girl’s weekend is on the cards, we think this three bed riad could be exactly what you need. Bright, light and utterly chic, it’s the closest we reckon we’ll ever get to living out our Middle Eastern Sex and the City-inspired dreams.  

Capacity: Seven people
How much: £66

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