Want to get a good night’s sleep in a hotel? Try one of these slumber specialists

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Wondering how to get a good night’s sleep in a hotel? Well, you could start by booking into one of these hotels that take special measures to ensure their guests get some much-needed rest.

You might think that sleep is the most natural thing in the world, but it’s surprisingly hard for many of us to catch some decent zzzs.

Between our ‘always on’ culture which leaves us struggling to switch off and our obsession with using social media once we’ve climbed into bed, without forgetting the effects that anxiety can have on our rest patterns, lots of us panic about our sleep.

And although we tend to go on holiday to take a break and get some rest, unfortunately it isn’t always that simple. It could just be that sleeping in a strange, new place and not having your usual home comforts disrupts your ability to drift off easily. Or, it could be the stress of travelling and jet lag that renders deep, restorative sleep almost impossible.

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We imagine, then, that you might be interested to hear about these special hotels, all of which put their guest’s sleep at the top of their priority list.

That’s right, each of the hotels and apartments in this list have developed measures to encourage a wonderful night’s sleep for those staying with them, from spa treatments that de-stress and target jet lag, to a personalised sleep concierge where you can pick the firmness of your pillow. Now that’s luxury.

From the English countryside to the Greek coast, whether you fancy travelling across the country or across the world, these gorgeous hotels are definitely worth your attention – until you nod off, that is. 

  • Adare Manor, Co Limerick

    Codladh Samh is an Irish term used to wish someone a ‘sound sleep’. It’s also the name of a treatment you can try at the Adare Manor spa, which promises to soothe anxious energies and promotes a good night’s sleep. 

    It starts with a sedating massage using carefully applied pressures and Swedish techniques. It is designed to balance the nervous system and ease an overactive mind. And as you’re soothed into a relaxed state with a cooling ceramic stone treatment, you’ll be completely calmed with a massage ritual that uses mythical Celtic Ogham Stones.

  • Chewton Glen, Hampshire

    Chewton Glen is a gorgeous place to take a break from the stresses of everyday life, but as well as the main house, this venue’s secluded treehouses have been built with a calming detox in mind. If being suspended 35 feet above ground, looking out to panoramic views of the New Forest canopy isn’t enough, why not try the “Treetox” Program; a four-night, five-day detox in the trees.

    This exclusive health break experience includes a juice cleanse, three private one hour sessions of Nordic walking pilates or yoga, sauna and steam room experiences, full use of the spa and leisure facilities, and three spa treatments. There’s no chance you won’t be relaxed after all that.

  • Cliveden House, Berkshire

    Meghan Markle picked this historic house as the place to stay the night before her globally-watched wedding day, which says a lot about the kind of rest you can get here. Not only is Cliveden House absolutely gorgeous, think four-poster beds worthy of a princess and rolling grounds that we can imagine gazing out to, it has an acclaimed spa, too. 

    It’s at the spa (which boasts an outdoor pool surrounded by lavender) you’ll find the Rose Garden Experience, which will release tension and leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished. It starts with a Pink Himalayan salt and therapeutic botanical body exfoliation, followed by an Ayurvedic inspired oil pouring ritual which is designed to ease stress. This is combined with ancient Indian massage techniques with craniosacral therapy to balance the nervous system and restore the harmonious flow of energy to induce a deep meditative sleep.

  • Andronis Luxury Suites, Santorini

    There are 29 luxury suites and villas built within the picturesque jigsaw of houses in Oia, one of Santorini’s most beautiful villages, famed for having the most photographed sunset scenes in the world. 

    As if looking out to the water wasn’t calming enough, the accommodation also provides a sleep concierge where guests can choose between pillows of various materials and firmness that suit them best for a personalised sleep experience. 

  • The Mulia, Bali

    Flying all the way to Bali is bound to give you a serious case of jet lag, so The Mulia hotel has thoughtfully come up with some ways to target this.

    Soak in their hydrotonic hot and cold pools to relax your muscles and get the blood circulation going, then step into the wellness suite to interchange between the steam room (with aromatherapy and chromotherapy) and the ice room, which the hotel says is proven to create a sense of relaxation. 

    Another recommended jet lag trick is the hotel’s holistic treatments, such as the Shirodhara. By using a constant drip of warm oil to your dosha (the chakra point on your forehead), this treatment is a deeply meditative experience. It calms the central nervous system and is excellent for insomnia.

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