The most fabulous restaurant toilets to spend a penny – or just take a picture – in London

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Time to start planning your next big night out, because these beautiful restaurant toilets in London are just waiting for your bathroom selfie. 

The old saying might be, “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound?”, but the 2019 version is absolutely “if you didn’t post about it on Instagram, did it really happen?”

That’s right: a millennial’s need to snap every cool thing they do (and share it with everyone they know) is pretty much ingrained at this point. And yes, there are some downsides to this (we’ve all heard about the negative effects social media can have on our mental health and the trap of a real life vs Instagram mentality). But the positives are easy to find, too: at the very least, we’re documenting unforgettable memories – and striving to immerse ourselves in more beautiful surroundings, too.

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With restaurants knowing that every inch of their decor is bound to be photographed, it means that everywhere from the cocktail bar to the bathroom has been designed with the utmost flair and fabulousness – something we can absolutely get behind.

So if you and your friends are looking for the perfect place for a picture-worthy night out (assuming you’ve already exhausted these botanical-themed restaurants which also make for ideal background fodder), then we recommend trying some of these restaurants in London. Because they don’t just serve fabulous food and flair in the dining rooms: even their bathrooms are beautiful enough to be snapped in.

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It’s not just our humble opinions that have crowned them the best places to spend a penny either. A study of 40,000 Instagram posts by Fragrance Direct, from 80 of the most talked about restaurants in London, has shown which toilets are the most ‘grammed and therefore prime for your must-visit list

We’ve included their findings of the most beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London, and a few favourites of our own. 

  • The Ivy Asia

    Walking into the bathrooms at The Ivy Asia is a real wow moment. Continuing the oriental theme from the main restaurant, the walls are decorated with images of bamboo and stalks in shimmering golds and vibrant pinks. 

    In the centre of the room you’ll find a peachy pouffe, perfect for sitting down if you’re waiting for a friend and we also can’t get over the millennial pink sinks. If we needed any further persuading to commit to pink in our bathrooms at home, this has done the trick.

    While you’re there, do make sure to take full advantage of the experimental cocktail menu, which draws inspiration from muses such as Hello Kitty, and the impressive sushi and grill menus serving up fresher-than-fresh seafood and more.

  • Sketch

    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: Sketch
    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: Sketch

    Of course, Sketch is at the top of the list. As weirdly wonderful bathrooms go, this one pretty much takes the biscuit. These huge, white pods which resemble eggs have toilets inside, and when you climb inside to use one it’s as if you’ve entered a space shuttle thanks to the cosmic noises and control room chattering. 

    Throughout the year Sketch updates its eggs to match the seasons and holidays, wrapping them in giant bows at Christmas or decorating them with flowers for the Chelsea Flower Show. A sight to behold indeed. 

  • Annabel’s

    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: Annabel's
    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: Annabel’s

    A canopy of blooms for a ceiling. Pink marble walls. A gold freaking swan for a tap. Annabel’s, you – and your bathroom – are something else. 

    This (very) exclusive members club in Mayfair has a long waiting list and a hefty price tag, which makes stepping inside its perfectly-pink bathroom all the more exciting. As Instagram-worthy backdrops go, there’s also over-the-top floral feature walls which you might want to pose against, if the light up mirrors aren’t doing it for you. 

  • Sexy Fish

    Another Mayfair must-visit, Sexy Fish manages to mix both a mermaid-theme with a sophisticated vibe, which we think is rather impressive. 

    In the restaurant you’ll find mermaid statues, under the sea-themed foods and even photo opportunities that include sitting on a rock with your very own mermaid tail. But in the toilets it’s all chic and sleek, with huge mirrors (ideal for a bathroom selfie) and ambient lighting. 

  • The Ned

    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: The Ned
    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: The Ned

    Like Hollywood-worthy powder rooms of old, The Ned’s blush pink bathroom will make you feel like a silver screen starlet. 

    Not only is it unusually spacious, which creates an atmosphere for socialising (who doesn’t love making new friends in the bathroom), there’s a three-seater chair in the centre of the room so you can sit and chat while you touch up. 

    Of course, as the venue is owned by Soho House, all the bathroom products are Cowshed so you’ll leave feeling soft and smelling damn good, too. 

  • The Ritz

    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: The Ritz
    Beautiful restaurant bathrooms in London: The Ritz

    There’s room to lounge in The Ritz London’s bathroom, with dark pink sofas and even magazines laid out for those waiting for a friend to powder their nose. 

    Decorated in a sugary, bon-bon pink, this WC feels as princessy as you would expect from an establishment associated with royalty and London’s elite. Personally, we love the mural walls, painted with nymph-like scenes. 

    If you fancy visiting this hotel but can’t commit to a stay over, give the afternoon tea a try, which we have deemed one of the best luxury teas in London. 

Images: Sketch / Instagram / Claire Menary (The Ned) 


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