This is the best seat on a plane to get some sleep

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The best seat on any plane when flying economy has been revealed and it might not be where you’d expect…

From crying babies and restless neighbours to (very) restrictive legroom, flying economy is most definitely not a luxury.

But we sure are grateful for being able to fly around Europe relatively cheaply or hop over to New York for £100.

Which is why we’re open to taking on board any tips for making the journey from A to B comfier – especially if it involves getting some sleep.

According to aircraft interiors specialist Ron Soret, Vice President of US company AERIA Luxury Interiors, picking a seat at the front of the plane in economy class will most likely guarantee you a better ride.

“The front part of the cabin is typically the most comfortable,” Soret told the Daily Mail Online.

“Turbulence will be felt throughout the airplane but it is milder in the forward part.”

Apparently, this is because the wings help to keep the plane balanced so if you’re sitting near them you should experience less turbulence.

“Areas aft (near the back) of the engine exhaust are the noisier part of the cabin,” Soret says, so, again, sit near the front. 

Picking a seat at the front of the plane in economy class will most likely guarantee you a better ride.

And the seat to avoid if you can? The middle (no surprises there).

Getting a good kip on a flight can sometimes seem impossible, but you could always try to get an upgrade? Securing a first class seat might not be as difficult as you think. According to an ex-air hostess, Kelly Payne, it is possible, if you know how.

“If first class isn’t sold out, and there aren’t many premium frequent fliers to upgrade on that flight, most airlines discount the upgrade to first class,” Payne says. 

“Call your airline’s customer service number within 24 hrs of the flight departing to check.”

We’ll make sure to reserve our seat before we fly next time…

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