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From tips on how to wing your way into first class or learning when is the cheapest time to book, there are lots of ways to make the most out of an upcoming holiday.

But the easiest way to improve any airplane experience is, of course, to indulge in all those little extras – after all, you are on your holidays.

With that in mind, we reckon it’s of the highest importance that all of us planning to jet off for some winter sun (or a Christmassy weekend away) learn exactly how to get on the right side of the flight attendants, otherwise known as the guardians of booze and snacks.

According to, the best place to sit on a plane to get attentive service and better access to all the treats is the rear of the aircraft.

Annie Kingston, a flight attendant writing for the ‘hotel tell-all’ website, explains that, if you’re perched on one of the last rows, you’re closer to the flight attendant section at the back of the plane and can chat to them more easily.

She also reveals that, in her experience, flight attendants try to avoid answering call bells from the front of the plane because it deviates their service schedule: however, it’s much easier to help someone who is within reach.

Kingston writes: “We like to avoid responding to call bells from the front of the plane because answering one means potentially flaunting whatever item the passenger has requested to everyone else along the way.

“This can cause a problem since planes often don't have enough extra vodka, pillows, earplugs, and toothbrushes, or the time on shorter flights to deviate from the service schedule.

“For passengers sitting near the back of the plane, however, it's much easier to slip in that second mini bottle of wine.”

Okay, so maybe don't go quite this far on the plane bar

So there we have it: the back of the plane is ideal for those looking to hone in on the snacks and booze trolley.

If, however, you’re more interested in catching those z’s or making a speedy exit upon landing, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our handy guide of tactical seat choices below:

A speedy exit

Select a spot at the front on the left hand-side of the plane if you want to get off and on to your adventures as soon as possible. 

A comfortable (as possible) sleep

Let’s be honest, nowhere will feel quite as luxurious as your own bed at home. However, nabbing a window seat will give you the best chance for a comfy snooze: not only do you have somewhere to prop your head, but you also have control of the blind and can avoid getting woken up every time a fellow passenger wants to go to the toilet. 

A quiet spot

Although planes aren’t known for being the most peaceful of places, there are certain pockets that lend themselves to a slightly more serene journey. An airplane’s engines are typically located underneath the wings of the plane, which sit in the middle, or towards the tail of the plane.

Therefore, according to Essential Travel, passengers that are likely to be bothered by extra noise should try and sit at the front of the plane.   

A less bumpy ride

If flying is, to put it lightly, your least favourite way to travel, it could be helpful for you to sit in an area of the plane which is least likely to affected by turbulence. There are a few differing theories on this, but most sources concur that the back of the plane is the worst spot to sit. 

The Mirror reports on a Q&A session with pilot Bruno Gillissen, who confirms that when speaking to other airline employees, “all four agreed upon the back of the plane being the worst place.”

He agreed with “most airline crew that the least turbulence is in the front of the airplane. That is consistent with my experience.” So if turbulence is something that worries you, head to the front of the aircraft. 

We’re thinking we might pay a teensy bit more attention next time the ‘save your seat’ option comes up when booking a flight!

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