You can rent a private island in the Caribbean and it’s not that expensive

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The phrase ‘live your best life’ has never had more meaning than when considering the latest offering from our favourite holiday accommodation site, Airbnb.

Oh sorry, did we say holiday accommodation? You’re probably imagining a rustic Parisian apartment, or perhaps a charming, foliage covered tree-house, perfect for a secluded weekend away.

Well chaps, think again, because you can now rent an entire Caribbean island for your jollies.

That’s right; if secluded is what you’re searching for, it doesn’t get much more private than lording over your own island, Richard Branson style. 

And Bird Island, located off Placencia (a beach resort on the Carribbean coast of Belsize), will allow you to do just that for £470 per night.

Fred, the island’s Airbnb host, describes the listing as a “Robinson Crusoe type of adventure, yet with all the comforts, where one could get to do their own thing in total privacy”.

The island has top-notch wifi, which, let’s face it, is absolutely essential considering this is the most Insta-story worthy thing you’re likely ever to do. We can just imagine the hashtags now…

But there’s so much more to be found on this island than a few good photo opportunities: there’s a also a rustic three-bedroom home for you to chill and five pals to chill out in, too.

Want to invite more people? Well, that’s ok, too: Fred notes that capacity is up negotiation – and points out that the sofa can also be used to sleep on. 

Undoubtedly staying on a private island comes with few downsides, but if you do decide to take a trip to Bird Island remember that you are completely isolated from civilization -which means plenty of stocking up on food, and more importantly, booze.

Fred (who sounds like a bit of a legend to us) says, “Bird Island is a self-catering scenario so plan to bring enough meats, vegetable and drinks (and liquor) for your stay.

“The island however, does have a very well-stocked kitchen with a myriad of condiments such as cake mixes, flour, rice, spices, oils, paper towels, garbage bags, etc., so you don't have to be required to think of every little thing.”

If you don’t fancy being sozzled for the entire trip though, there’s lots of exploring to do including swimming, snorkeling, fishing and kayaking. Much of the equipment needed is available on the island but it is recommended that you consider that sized items may not fit everyone, so best to bring your own. 

To date, Bird Island has received pretty much nothing but glowing five-star ratings and enthusiastic reviews from those who have been lucky enough to stay there.

One waxed lyrical about the property, saying: “This place is as good as everyone says. It's special. There are secluded places, sure, but there is nothing that compares to being on your own in the middle of the ocean.

“My boyfriend and I spent our days kayaking to the surrounding islands, snorkeling, or sitting in hammocks reading. It was gorgeous, and unlike anything I've ever done before. “

Another Bird Island convert said passionately: “If you're reading this, you need to stop contemplating and treat yourself to a true delight and book this place.

“My wife and I stayed for 4 nights as the second leg to our honeymoon and it was everything and so much more.”

If, like us, your finger is quivering above the ‘Request to Book’ button while your mind calculates how much money you’ll get back from your ASOS returns, bear in mind the island is currently booked up until September 2019, so you’ve got a while to wait before planning your #islandlife holiday wardrobe. 

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Images: Pexels / Air BnB


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