The best flights to book now for next year’s holiday (if you’re missing the sun already)

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Try one of these alternative travel spots for less and get yourself some post-Christmas sun. 

We’ve had a good run: this Indian summer has lasted us well into the autumn, with last week even feeling too toasty to wear a proper coat

But now with a week to go until November, we reckon it’s probably about time to really think about investing in some cosy knitwear and statement outerwear, because according to the forecast, snow’s a-coming. 

Which is why it feels like perfect timing for Lonely Planet to publish its Best in Travel recommendations for 2019, giving us something to look forward to next year. 

But although you might enjoy thoughts of summer sun, the run-up to Christmas isn’t usually when most people dig deep and shell out on a fancy holiday for the new year. 

Well - thanks to Skyscanner’s savvy travel smarts, you might not have to go searching for change at the back of the sofa after all. 

The flight comparison website has searched high and low for flights to suit a pre-Christmas budget and after looking at Lonely Planet’s pick of best cities to visit next year, have found some routes with serious savings. 

Here’s our advice on booking a budget-friendly holiday at some of the most alternative travel destinations for 2019, for less. 

Novi Sad

Novi Sad, Serbia’s second city, sits on the banks of the Danube River in the north of the country, benefiting from not only historic architecture but a coastline too. It’s a beacon of the arts, with a thriving theater, music and film scene which only plans on growing, hence it’s ambition to be named the 2021 European Capital of Culture.

Flights to Belgrade Nikola Tesla airport, which is an hour drive from Novi Sad, average at £263 but for those booking in January 2019 they’re a steal, at £88.

Mexico City

Thanks to Frida Kahlo’s recent renaissance, Mexican culture is currently inspiring what we do, eat and wear - so why not go and experience this colourful, vibrant city for yourself firsthand? 

Flights to Mexico City aren’t cheap, but if you book in February you could save 30% off a normal priced flight, getting one for £564. 


On Croatia’s Dalmatian coast lies the city of Zadar, known for its beautiful Roman and Venetian ruins and idyllic waters. Those visiting can’t miss the 11th-century St. Mary’s Convent, which houses religious art dating back to the 8th century.

Getting there usually costs around the £175 mark, but if you book in April you could bag flights for £85, 52% less than the average. 


Forgo Marrakech for a trip to Meknes on the north side of Morocco, once considered the capital city by The Mausoleum of Sultan Moulay Ismail during his rein in the 17th century. Stunning courtyards, gardens and architecture are the order of the day here - if you’re a tile enthusiast, you’ll be in heaven. 

Flights to Meknes are the least expensive on our list, if you book in March next year that is. Usually jetting off to the former imperial city would set you back around £138, but Skyscanner has found some for a price your purse strings will be pleased about, at £35. 


The capital of Senegal in West Africa, Dakar, is well worth exploring. Its painful past is documented with museums like the House of Slaves, but its nightlife scene is sizzling with pride, showcasing traditional and local music. 

Flying to Dakar on average costs around £604, but if you fancy a post-Christmas break in January you could get away for £362, which is 40% less than usual. 

If none of these quirky trips tickle your pickle, check out our general tips for securing budget-friendly flights wherever you’re going and which month of the year is best to plan a trip in. 

We’ve also got the lowdown on the least expensive five star hotels in the world and where you can jump on a free walking tour when you get there.

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