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Quirky Airbnb apartment or swanky hotel room: that is the question.

Ever since bursting on to the scene in 2008, Airbnb has changed the way we’ve travelled. The easy-to-use platform has helped millions of holiday-makers looking to experience their next destination like a local, and provided those with some a spare room with some extra cash. 

But there are certain cities that definitely lend themselves to the cosy, lived-in vibe of an Airbnb stay, and other times when you might think a glam hotel, with 24-hour concierge and room service might be best. 

Well, if you’re travelling on a budget, you’re going to find this slice of research from Vouchercloud very interesting. 

The voucher website investigated the average prices for an Airbnb alongside the average price for a three-star hotel in every capital city across Europe to see which were the best value. The research acts as a great guide for those planning their 2018 holidays, with a steer on which cities to search for low-priced Airbnbs, and which to take advantage of a hotel stay. 

Below you can find the places with the best value Airbnbs, worked out using the average price for a two-person apartment in each country’s capital city. 


Who wouldn’t want to experience the charms of Paris like a local? If you’re taking a trip to the most romantic city in the world you can expect to fork out £70 for an Airbnb, which is considerably lower than the £116 you could pay for a hotel. 


This Mediterranean hot-spot has some of the cheapest Airbnbs around, with stays averaging at £54 a night for a two-person apartment in the capital city. This is a lot less than getting a hotel which averages at £123 a night. 


Lisbon is the word on every travel-lovers lips at the moment, and if you fancy going, make sure you check out the city’s reasonably priced Airbnbs. One night stay averages at £56 compared to £108 for a three-star-hotel.


Switzerland is known for being expensive, but actually its Airbnbs aren’t too bad. You can bag yourself a booking for £71 a night in Burn, which is steal compared to the £129 it would set you back for a hotel. 

See the sights of Lisbon on a budget 


Copenhagen is famed for its stylish architecture and chic interior design so we’d be tempted to stay in an Airbnb whatever the cost. But as it happens, apartments in Denmark are very reasonable costing an average of £82 a night, vs £130 for a hotel.


Fancy yourself a bit of the Irish charm? We don’t blame you. Visit the Emerald Isle for £84 a night if you take an Airbnb, which is rated much better value than £132 for a hotel. 


Not only is Berlin brimming with history and culture, the city is home to some of the cheapest Airbnbs in the world. Stay in the German capital for just £49 in an Airbnb compared to £75 for a hotel. 

The research shows that the cheapest European city to visit overall is Tirana in Albania, costing a minor £27 for an airbnb and £36 for a hotel. Warsaw in Poland is another safe bet if you’re looking for low-priced accommodation, offering Airbnbs at around £37 a night, and hotels for £54. 

Topping the list as the most expensive destinations to take a trip in Europe is Reykjavik in Iceland where it’s £108 per night for an Airbnb, and £135 for a hotel. Not far behind is Amsterdam, Netherlands, where an Airbnb will set you back £102 a night, or you could shell out £137 for a hotel. Londoners won’t be surprised that the Big Smoke is pretty pricey too, costing an average of £92 for an Airbnb and £95 for a hotel. 

But although Airbnb is the less expensive option in most cases, there are actually some cities that benefit from a hotel stay. In Andorra, an average hotel costs around £43, while Airbnbs are on offer for roughly £79 a night. Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Estonia all cost between £40 - £46 to stay in an Airbnb, with their marginally cheaper comparison hotels ranging from £30 - £44.

Now you’ve brushed up on some budget-friendly travel tips, you’re all ready to book that next trip.

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