3 gorgeous French chateaux you can rent this summer

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Fancy making like Sophie Turner and renting a French chateau for a wedding or getaway? Here’s how to get a little Provence sunshine for yourself…

Surely no matter who you are, the idea of renting a French chateau, whether for a holiday or a wedding venue, sounds pretty darn dreamy. Us mere mortals would be thrilled at the idea of spending a few days in the Southern French sun, eating all the cheese and wine and living life as the queens we’ve always known we are. 

You see, renting a French chateau is especially so appealing because for most there’s the option to take it over completely, giving you and your friends an expanse of space both inside and out. From regal ballrooms and breakfast parlours, to acres of land that look out to fountains or infinity pools, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to spending time in a big group. 

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So it makes sense, then, that one of the most high profile couples around – Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas – are reported to have done exactly this. That’s right, they may have got hitched in Las Vegas earlier this year, but they celebrated their marriage in France (and there are photos aplenty from the likes of friends Diplo and Maisie Williams on Instagram, too).

Although we don’t know exactly where they chose to do their second ceremony, it has inspired us to a visit a French chateau ourselves. If you’re a bride-to-be, you may draw some inspiration from the options below for your own big day, but you by no means need to have a ring on your finger to organise a big bash in the countryside. 

These gorgeous French chateaus can be renting for big groups to just enjoy for a long weekend, giving you a break from the hustle and bustle, and the chance to enjoy your very own French adventure.

Chateau de Courtomer, Normandy

French chateaus to rent for group holidays or weddings: Chateau de Courtomer
French chateaus to rent for group holidays or weddings: Chateau de Courtomer

The picturesque Chateau de Courtomer in Normandy is utterly grandiose and a show of the kind of creamy architecture you’ve been dreaming of; it’s essentially everything you could want from a fairytale French experience.

Whether you imagine renting this French chateau for your wedding, or planning a big trip away with friends, we’re convinced (and this from personal experience) that all of your needs will be well and truly served here. After climbing the majestic steps you’ll find several huge rooms on the ground floor, all ideal for entertaining. The light-strewn dining room, which has white washed walls and delicate ceiling cornicing, is heavenly in the morning to enjoy croissants and coffee and gaze out across the 350-acres of land. While the cosy library, packed from floor to ceiling with old, gold-spined tomes, couldn’t be a better place to sip on an old-fashioned and make each other giggle until the early hours. 

Upstairs there’s room for 15 people (more at an additional price) in rooms decorated in boutique, Marie Antoinette-esque style, all of which have carefully chosen, unique curtains, feature walls and well-stocked en suites. In the basement there’s a games room and lounge with plenty of space to play cards and watch TV, while outside there’s bikes, ping pong tables and badminton to keep you entertained. 

The chateau comes with lots of options including the help of house manager Heather who can organise local food tours, a trip in a hot air balloon, a private chef to come and whip up delicious dinners and explore the rest of the grounds which includes a charming Orangerie, an idyllic wedding reception spot. 

How much? To stay with 15 friends for two nights is a flat rate of €3950.

The Château Rambaud, Bordeaux 

French chateaus to rent for group holidays and weddings: The Château Rambaud
French chateaus to rent for group holidays and weddings: The Château Rambaud

We’re suckers for a pastel-hued shutter, so this pretty chateau definitely caught our eye. Situated in Southern France, visitors at The Château Rambaud are lucky because the area is not only likely to get some lovely, warm weather, but is also perfectly situated for those wanting to explore the nearby famous vineyards of the Aquitaine region and the Saint-Emilion UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Well, that’s assuming that you make your way out of Château Rambaud, of course. This place can accommodate up to 28 people (which means you can bring ALL your pals with you) and has two kitchens, living rooms, an office and a swimming pool to keep you entertained. This pretty much proves it would be a fabulous place for a big girls weekend away, but if you have a ring on your finger you might also be interested to know it does weddings too

How much? £1,404 per night on HomeAway.

Château de Tourreau, Provence 

French chateaus to rent for group holidays or weddings: Château de Tourreau
French chateaus to rent for group holidays or weddings: Château de Tourreau

Now for the big time: reports have been flying around that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were spotted at Château de Tourreau on the week of their wedding, leading some to believe that this gorgeous 17th century chateau was their big day venue. Well, whether it was or not, it’s absolutely good enough for us.

With a plethora of different suites, all of which have spanning views across the chateau’s gardens, there’s plenty of options of where to stay and lots of outdoor fun to be had. As well as 20 acres of grounds with fountains and an orchard, there’s a beautiful infinity pool to sun yourself in, and tennis and basketball courts.

You could stay with 15 friends for a holiday, or host your own wedding here if you fancy following in Lady Sansa’s footsteps.

How much? Depends on the season, so get in touch to find out more. 

Images: Courtesy of venues 


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