Revealed: where to find the cheapest 5-star hotels in the world

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We would be hard-pressed to find something we don’t enjoy about spending the night in a 5-star hotel room.

From the crisp white bed sheets to the impossibly fluffy bathrobes and the minibar crammed full of the best kinds of snacks (peanut butter M&Ms, we’re looking at you), the occasional night of luxury is often just the treat we need as an antidote to our hectic 9 to 5s.

A night in a plush hotel room sounds even better when it comes with a reasonable price tag, which is where the results of a new report by Deutsche Bank, analysing the cost of 5-star hotel rooms across the world, comes in pretty handy.

The report, published in May, highlights a pretty unsurprising top three for the world’s most expensive rooms: Milan topped the list with an average cost of $716.10 (£556.28) per night, while London came in second at $576.50 (£447.84) and Vienna followed closely behind at $569.40 (£442.32).

But if you don't fancy splurging the cost of an entire holiday on a single night, fear not – below we have listed the 18 cheapest destinations for 5-star breaks that won’t ruin your night’s sleep with the spectre of a hefty bill in the morning.

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18. Shanghai, China – £227.06

17. Auckland, New Zealand – £209.97

16. Mumbai, India – £208.58

15. Bangalore, India – £204.77

14. Frankfurt, Germany – £199.88

13. Sao Paulo, Brazil – £197.08

12. Ottawa, Canada – £192.11

11. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – £189.08

10. Wellington, New Zealand – £188.38

9. New Delhi, India – £176.88

8. Johannesburg, South Africa – £176.42

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – £167.79

6. Athens, Greece – £157.38

5. Brussels, Belgium – £156.68

4. Lisbon, Portugal – £153.97

3. Manila, Philippines – £145.81

2. Warsaw, Poland – £119.63

1. Istanbul, Turkey – £110.23

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