Ryanair just made a major change to its cabin baggage allowance

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When it comes to booking holidays, we’ve never been fussed about flying with a budget airline.

After all, who wouldn’t forgo an extra inch of legroom or speedy boarding in favour of having more cash left over for a sundowner (or three) on the beach?

However, Ryanair has just announced a new cabin baggage policy that might make people think twice about booking with the no-frills airline.

Currently, passengers are allowed to bring two pieces of luggage on board with them – generally, a suitcase and a small handbag.

However, from 1 November passengers without priority boarding will only be allowed to bring the small handbag on board, while their larger suitcase will have to be checked into the hold at the gate.

The airline won’t be charging passengers to check in their bags, although it does mean they will be faced with the inconvenience of having to wait for them at the carousel of their destination. Also, the bags will still have to be taken through security, meaning the usual restrictions on liquid allowances will apply – so you can’t even see it as an opportunity to take full-sized sun cream with you.

Ryanair bosses said they were making the changes after the airline became a victim of its own “niceness” with customers “abusing” their two-bag policy, the BBC reports.

They hope the new policy will reduce delays, as passengers will no longer be stopping in the aisles to try and find overhead space for their suitcases.

In addition, the airline will be reducing the cost for checking in larger bags from £35 to £25, as well as increasing the weight limit from 15kg to 20kg.

But if you do still want to take your suitcase on board with you, rather than checking it in, you will need to purchase priority boarding when you book your flight – at a cost of £5.

We’ll leave it up to you what you decide to do…

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