Meet the woman who's paid to travel the world as a chief digital nomad

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Chelsea Odufu is currently meandering her way through South East Asia, meeting people who live and work as digital nomads there. So, how did she land the dreamiest-sounding job of all - and what does it actually involve?

Many of us dream of travelling for a living - but Chelsea Odufu goes one step further: she interviews the people who do exactly that.

Earlier this year, the American content creator beat thousands of other hopefuls in a competition to find a “chief digital nomad”; a job that that sees her zip around the globe on one long people-fuelled adventure.

The position was the brainchild of freelancer service Fiverr and Remote Year, a work-aboard travel organisation.

Odufu was working as a filmmaker in Senegal when she came across the ad on LinkedIn.

“I was eager to make travel a part of my lifestyle and my work,” the 24-year-old tells Forbes in a new profile.

“This company as a brand represents many of the things I stand for as an artist: diversity, entrepreneurialism, hard work and a ‘get s*** done’ attitude, so I knew I’d fit right in.

“I immediately applied, staying up all night crafting a strong submission video.”

Odufu grew up in New Jersey as a first generation Nigerian/Guyanese/American, and has travelled to over 20 countries in the course of her career.

She believes she landed the four-month gig because of her passion for reaching out to new people and learning about different cultures.

“Deep down, I’m a people person, so building and fostering relationships with new people is something I’m deeply passionate about,” she explains.

Since starting as chief digital nomad in May, Odufu has travelled across Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia to meet and interview other digital nomads.

“While helping Fiverr to better understand what entrepreneurship means in different parts of the world, I’m also capturing all my conversations with people as well as my travels to create visually stunning content for its various platforms,” she says. 

“I also spend time in front of the camera, talking about the places that I have visited and sharing useful information that entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners around the world would find valuable.”

In the course of her new wanderlust role, Odufu has learnt a lot about how to make a job work when you are based aboard.

Three key qualities she highlights for any wannabe digital nomad are good communication, good time management (when you’re working non-traditional hours) and the need to maintain good health.

“One of the major advantages of working remotely is the ability to constantly travel and expand your global network,” she says. “I have met so many amazing people while working remotely.”

As for Odufu’s own secret to success, it lies in self-belief.

“So many of us are afraid to be ambitious, to take risks, and to fail, but none of that worries me,” she says. “I am confident that I am following my calling in the world and with hard work, a lot of hustle and a bit of finesse, the rest will follow.”

Read the full interview with Chelsea Odufu over on Forbes and follow her adventures on Instagram here 

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