Dramatic photos show vast and haunting Icelandic landscape in the grips of winter

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These spectacular images of a thunderous Icelandic waterfall in the grips of winter put our grumbles about office heating firmly into perspective. 

The atmospheric snaps show tourists standing just yards away from the edge of the raging icy torrents of Gullfoss, Europe's largest volume fall, in southwest Iceland.

The figures are made tiny amid a vast and impenetrable winter landscape of ice sculptures and glacier lagoons.

Gullfoss, meaning Golden Falls, is a breathtakingly powerful sight situated on Iceland's White River (Hvítá). It features two distinct drops at right angles to one other, which plunge into a 32-metre deep crevice below. 

On a sunlit day, mist rising from the hammering cascades of water is cut through with rainbows, for an unparalleled spectacle of color and motion. The haunting Northern Lights can also be seen casting an eerie glow over the falls at certain points of the year.

Photographer Dave Stevenson braved icy temperatures to take these incredible shots, along with the surrounding desolate scene of Iceland in the dead of winter. He stayed overnight in a camper van to capture the Northern Lights.

See the icy world through his eyes, below, and never bemoan feeling chilly again...

Photos: Dave Stevenson / Rex Features

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