Want to move to Canada? You’d better do one of these jobs

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Moya Crockett
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In the aftermath of Donald Trump becoming President-elect of the United States, so many people tried to access Canada’s immigration website that it completely crashed.

But even before political events rendered the good old US of A somewhat less than appealing, many people could see the attraction of a life north of the border. Canada has breathtaking natural scenery, a progressive, socially conscious government, and some of the best cities in the world for quality of life. In other words, it rivals Denmark in our list of places we’d most like to live.

However, moving to the land of maple syrup and tolerance isn’t as simple as simply hopping on a plane with a dream and a cardigan (and you’re going to want a proper winter coat over there, FYI). As with most countries, there’s a complex immigration process to wade through.

A fast-track system called Express Entry is one of the quickest ways to embark on a Canadian adventure, with an application processing time of around six months. But in order to be eligible for Express Entry, you’ve got to have something to bring to the table – and there are certain occupations that Justin Trudeau's government is looking for more than others.

So without further ado, here are the careers most likely to get you into Canada.

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  • 10. Financial and investment analysts

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 446

    Percent of invited applicants: 1.4%

  • 9. Financial auditors and accountants

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 494

    Percent of invited applicants: 1.6%

  • 8. Graphic designers and illustrators

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 550

    Percent of invited applicants: 1.8%

  • 7. Retail sales supervisors

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 669

    Percent of invited applicants: 2.2%

  • 6. University professors and lecturers

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 745

    Percent of invited applicants: 2.4%

  • 5. Computer programmers and interactive media developers

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 935

    Percent of invited applicants: 3%

  • 4. Software engineers

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 940

    Percent of invited applicants: 3%

  • 3. Information systems analysts and consultants

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 1,255

    Percent of invited applicants: 4%

  • 2. Cooks

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 2,295

    Percent of invited applicants: 7.4%

  • 1. Food service supervisors

    Number of successful Express Entry applicants: 2,356

    Percent of invited applicants: 7.6%