Haunted hotel rooms to book for Halloween


Forget state-of-the-art sound systems and White Company toiletries, these hotel rooms come with their own resident ghosts. From the shadowy apparition of a jilted bride to the sound of long-gone children's laughter, disappearing pillows and even a phantom cat (yes, really), these places boast more supernatural activity than an entire series of Most Haunted. To guarantee a fright this Halloween, check out our selection of haunted hotels and their most haunted rooms - to book right now...

  • Room 18, The Castle Hotel - Conwy

    This North Wales hotel boasts the unlikely attraction of a phantom cat - so if you hear something go thud in the night, don't be alarmed (it's just the ghost of Felix). A ghoulish chambermaid also roams the corridors; she was refused her death wish for her body to be returned to the nearby island of Anglesey and has plagued the hotel ever since. Room 18 is her favourite spot.

  • Room 333, The Langham - London

    Room 333 at The Langham just off Oxford Street is infamous and seems to attract a steady stream of ghostly apparitions. This 1865 hotel used to be the headquarters for the BBC and in 1973, a BBC Radio announcer, Alexander Gordon, reported waking up to see a man dressed in Victorian evening wear floating towards him, "arms outstretched, eyes staring emptily." Other BBC staff, and later guests at the hotel, reported similar sightings; and in each one, the man's legs were cut off by the floor boards, accounting for the fact that the hotel's boards have been raised since Victorian times to make way for central heating pipes.

  • Room 15, The Swan Hotel - Suffolk

    A bride spurned at the altar has taken to frequenting the rooms of this 15th Century abode. She was the housekeeper of this one-time coaching inn, so legend goes, and fell pregnant out of wedlock. The father was persuaded to marry her, only to change his mind on the wedding day. She hung herself in room 15 and has been seen by guests ever since.

  • The Lodge, Samlesbury Hall - Lancashire

    Book into The Lodge, a six-room outhouse, to get a front row seat to all the ghostly action going down at Samlesbury Hall. The manor's most popular ghost is "white lady" Dorothy Southworth, whose ill-fated lover was killed by her brothers in the house before she was sent to a convent abroad and died of a broken heart.

    Other visitors include a decapitated priest murdered during the Reformation (a blood stain is said to reappear now and again by the fireplace), the ghost of one of the previous owners, Joseph Harrison, who killed himself there in 1878 and the shadowy outline of a mother dragging a child.

  • The Stour Corridor, Ettington Park Hotel - Stratford-upon-Avon

    Shadowy apparitions abound in this neo-Gothic mansion, which was chosen by film director Robert Wise as the location for 1963 horror flick The Haunting. A barefoot Edwardian lady likes to hang out in the bay window of the Great Drawing Room and the sound of non-existent billiard balls can be heard echoing around the library. For a truly spine-chilling experience, head to The Stour Corridor, where you may spot the ghosts of two children who drowned in the Stour River in the early 1800s.

  • Room 10, The Bell Hotel - Thetford

    The sound of children playing in empty rooms, rattling keys in the night and the ghost of a hooded monk... this 15th century inn is no stranger to supernatural activity and is a popular draw for paranormal investigators. Landlord Elizabeth Radcliffe was murdered here in the 19th Century, after being pushed through the window of room 10. The hooded monk is another regular; he's thought to belong to a Priory that owned the Bell during the 1400s.

  • Room Three, Jamaica Inn - Cornwall

    Daphne du Maurier took inspiration from this inn for her chilling novel of the same name and it's not hard to see why. Set in a remote spot in the heart of Bodmin Moor, the 1547 building is prime ghost territory, attracting smugglers and lost souls from the area's colourful past. Footsteps, voices speaking in unknown dialects and photographs with orbs have all been recorded. The bar and room four are apparently popular with resident spirits, but it's room three that has a particularly "oppressive" atmosphere - so much so, that some guests are said to prefer sleeping in their cars.

  • Tower Suite, Danesfield House Hotel - Marlow-on-Thames

    As dusk falls over the gardens of this imposing Buckinghamshire hotel, the Grey Lady of Danesfield Park materialises around the spot where Danesfield Chapel once stood. Dressed in the robes of the Roman Sisterhood and with a lantern in hand, she is seen to wander over to Medmenham Gate before vanishing into thin air. Grab a front row view of this ghostly going-on from the four-poster bed of the Tower Suite, with sweeping views over the front lawn.

  • Lady Mary’s Room, Dalmahoy - Edinburgh

    This Marriott Hotel & Country Club is a 16th Century manor and once the home of the second daughter of the 8th Earl of Morton, Lady Mary Douglas. Lady Mary was murdered by her husband and her picture hangs above the four poster bed in the room she is said to haunt (her own room at the time). Spooky.

  • The Prince Philip Suite, Prince Rupert Hotel - Shrewsbury

    This ancient hotel is littered with apparitions particularly in room six, where a jilted bride resides. Spurned after her groom abandoned her on her wedding night, so the tale goes, she hung herself - and guests here have reported seeing the grim outline of her corpse on the wall. Other sightings include figures wandering the stairs and disappearing into walls and pillows that vanish in the night (watch out for that). Room six attracted so much activity that the hotel eventually changed it into a conference room, re-naming it The Prince Philip Suite.

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