This hotel's 24-karat gold sheets take travel luxury to the next level

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Think five-star hotel room and perhaps a roll-top bath, spring mattress, goose-down pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets are up there on your check list (along with some kind of incredible deal securing all this for a steal). However, one hotel in Milan is taking overnight luxury to the next level, with actual gold bedding.

At the TownHouse Galleria Hotel you can literally lie in a bed of gold, as its presidential suite is furnished with 24-karat gold bed sheets.

The sheets are worth a staggering $200,000 (£157,000), and are exclusive to guests staying in the Seven Stars Ottagono Presidential Suite. They’re made from 40% 24-carat gold, rounded out with a silk and cashmere blend. Presumably because solid gold isn’t going to work comfort-wise.

The room also boasts a panoramic view of the hotel’s breathtaking interior, as well as a marble bathroom, glass-encased shower and its own living room.

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According to the hotel, the sheets, which were conceived by jewellery designer Federico Buccellati, “restore vitality, courage, and willpower, and most of all, amplify positive feelings.”

A quick site search reveals rates around €5,500 (£4,800) a night for a midweek stay.

And if you’re struggling to find things to spend your money on, you can purchase one of the 100 limited-edition sets for a mere $224,000 (£175,880).

Nice, but we’re thinking the London hotel willing to wheel an entire cocktail bar into your room is more our style...

Images: TownHouse Galleria Hotel.


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