Riot of colour: this Indonesian rainbow village is an Instagram sensation

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Anna Brech
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So, what would you do if your village needed a bit of a boost? Perhaps it’s lacking personality or vibrancy. Or perhaps it’s ordinary enough to be forgettable to passing visitors. Maybe there aren’t enough jobs to go around. 

For the residents of Kampung Wonosari in southern Indonesia, the answer came in a mass painting effort.

Last month, this rather ordinary village in the verdant region of Randusari transformed itself into a show-stopping explosion of rainbow shades.

The suburb was gifted 300,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah (£17,000) by the local council committee to undergo the face-lift, which was facilitated by residents, builders and the village mayor.

Each of the 223 houses in the area have been adorned with a flourish of at least three different colours.

Passageways, bridges and riversides have also been treated to an exuberant makeover, while walls are jazzed up with bold 3D murals.

While the look is perhaps not one that rests easy on a hangover, the result is nevertheless spectacular.

And it’s had the desired effect. Visitors are now flocking to the village, which has been re-named as Kampung Pelangi, or "Rainbow Village."

The influx of tourists keen to grab a little fuel for their Instagram feeds has given the local economy a much-needed kick, with cafes and guesthouses opening to cater for the guests.

In landing on their ingenious scheme, the residents were inspired by the success of other colourful projects in Indonesia, including Kampung Warna-warni in Malang and Kampung Kali Code in Yogyakarta.

Locals considered the village to be a slum before the makeover; it’s anything but now. Take a look around, below.

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