Renting a flat in these European cities costs half the price of London

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London has been named the most expensive city to rent in Europe yet again, but we think you may be surprised by the other places where you’ll get more bang for your buck. 

Ever wanted an excuse to move to Paris and ditch it all for a chic apartment that looks out to the Eiffel Tower? Or what about eloping to Amsterdam, pastel-coloured bike in tow with a quaint, canal-side house to call your own?

If you’re a Londoner, the results of this research about the most expensive cities to rent in Europe will have you reaching for your passport in no time.

For the third year running, London has been named the most expensive city to rent in Europe, with a three bedroom flat in a prime location setting you back, on average, £5,398 a month (which seems ludicrous, even by London-standards).

Findings from the ECA International show that Londoners are paying almost four times more in rent than the rest of the country and a staggering £3,693 more per month on average than the rest of Europe.

Of course, it’s not news that London is an expensive place to live. The climbing housing prices have long been a serious problem, leaving most millennials without hope for ever buying their own place in the capital.

Although various initiatives have attempted to create more viable alternatives, such as U+I’s 19 square metre micro-flats, renting in London is still soul-destroying expensive. 

So, could it be time for a change of scenery?

A London girl in Paris Part Une?

Well, if you were looking for a nudge to move across the water, this rent price break down could be the push you needed. The ECA has looked at the average price of a three bedroom apartment in a “prime location” for each capital city in Europe, and the results are surprising.  

Despite being known for promoting a high quality of life, lust-worthy Nordic style and stress-free living, renting in Stockholm is relatively budget-friendly. Renting a three-bedroom flat in the capital of Sweden costs on average £2,579 for the entire property in the city centre – half the price of London.

Though supremely picturesque and a cultural hub, moving to Amsterdam could also be more achievable than you expected. A three bedroom flat will set you back just over £2,632 per month. 

If you’re feeling flush, towards the top end of the scale is the famously expensive Moscow and Zurich, with flats priced at £4,126 and £3,794 on average respectively (still cheaper than London, though). 

Find the full break down in descending order below, and let your fantasies of European living run wild:

1. London (£5,398)

2. Moscow (£4,126)

3. Zurich (£3,794)

4. Geneva (£3,698)

5. Istanbul (£3,208)

6. Kiev (£2,762)

7. Paris (£2,747)

8. Dublin (£2,688)

9. Amsterdam (£2,632)

10. Stockholm (£2,579)

If these destinations still feel a little too far afield, check out the most affordable places to live in the UK, where you could actually buy (*jaw drops*) your own house for as cheap as £70,000.

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