From the Bahamas to Tahiti, the world's most luxurious and exclusive private islands for sale

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A studio flat in Clapham might seem like an enticing prospect for us first-time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder - but it's nothing on a 230-acre island surrounded by the glistening south Pacific ocean.

Yes, the world of private islands is, unsurprisingly, an exclusive one habituated by a super-rich jet set crowd who spend their lives hot-footing from one glamorous enclave to the next.

The website offers a seductive glimpse into this surreal and enchanting universe.

So whether you're gearing up for that EuroMillions win or simply fancy a bit of daydream, come take a look at the world's most luxurious private islands available to buy right now, from the Caribbean to west coast Canada and beyond.

Photos and more information:

  • Temple Island, Australia, South Pacific

    A rare gem of a tropical island situated just off the coast of Central Queensland. The 21-acre enclave boosts a private airstrip, along with a four-bedroom home set up high on the most magnificent vantage point of the island, great white sandy beaches and undisturbed coral and oysters that are ready to eat directly off the rocks.


  • Moute Iti, French Polynesia, South Pacific

    A small two-acre private island situated in the most beautiful part of the Bora Bora lagoon, on the cheaper end of the private island scale. It comes with local Tahitian style buildings and a fare pote (in Tahitian, a meeting and entertainment house).


  • Scrub Island, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

    A 230-acre island with a series of stunning contemporary residences, along with a world- class spa, three restaurants, white-sand beaches, a fitness centre, and a dive shop.

    Price on request

  • Strum Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

    A unique getaway with panoramic, unspoilt views, comprising ten acres of serene landscape and 9,500 square feet of custom-built architecture - along with a residence in nearby Mahone Bay. 

    Price on request

  • Walker's Cay, Bahamas

    A breathtaking 58-acre Cay with an airstrip, a state-of-the-art electric generating facility and a marina. It's situated close to the Matanilla Shoal, for unparalleled fishing opportunities. 

    £11.6 million

  • Mowgli island, British Columbia, Canada

    The brilliantly named Mowgli island is a nine-acre retreat with sandy beaches, a four-bedroom designer house and expansive decking which makes the most of the luxury Gulf Island lifestyle.


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