The Instagram star taking selfies to terrifying new heights

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Anya Meyerowitz
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Many of us are guilty of spending too much time trying to craft the ultimate selfie - but few have actually dangled from the top of a building in order to get the perfect shot.

Enter Russian Instagram star 21-year-old Angela Nikolau, one half of a heights-loving couple who have found online stardom with their acrophobic-inducing selfies.

The act of climbing to dizzying heights without a harness is known as 'roofing' and involves climbing to the top of looming structures by any means possible - a daring and dangerous skill that is certainly not one to try at home. 

Angela, whose motto is ‘no limit, no control’, has amassed over 150,000 followers on her Instagram where she regularly posts breathtaking shots of her adventures. 

She manages not only to master the art of climbing to seemingly impossible heights on landmarks around the world, but also look at ease in a variety death-defying positions.  

Angela's boyfriend Alexander Remnev - who accompanies her on her hair-raising missions - tells the Belfast Telegraph, "We both love heights and it was through our love of roofing that we first met".

He goes onto explain that, while dangling from extreme heights, the couple love "sitting together and gazing out at the city.. [it's] our passion so we don't worry about one another."

The snaps are more about more than vanity and Angela hasn’t just found her own light, she’s managed to shine a completely new one on the world. As we scroll through her rooftop selfies, we are privy to unique views of the great metropolis’ below - awe-inspiring perspectives that we hardly ever get to see.

And while it's an extreme kind of way of getting a standout selfie - and not one most of us would try (particularly as now more people die in selfie accidents than shark attacks) - it certainly makes for mesmerising viewing...

Main image: Angela Nikolau


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