Pink skies and a strawberry moon: beautiful images of a rare summer solstice

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Sarah Biddlecombe

If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sky last night, you will have witnessed a rare occurrence: the moment a full strawberry moon coincided with summer solstice.

This hasn't happened since 1948, when the strawberry moon (the name given to the full moon in June, as it marks the start of strawberry season) rose on the same day as summer solstice, the longest day of the year which officially marks the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere.

Unfortunately, the two won't happen in tandem again for another 46 years, until 21 June 2062. But if you missed out, fear not: we have compiled our favourite images of the once-in-a-lifetime event from around the world, for your viewing pleasure.

Come see all the beautiful pink skies and red-tinted moon and celebrate the (official) start of summer.

  • The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, US, with the moon in the background

    Credit: Bob Kupbens, Instagram

  • The strawberry moon can be seen above the skyscrapers of New York, US

    Credit: Getty

  • The moon in space, shot by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre

    Credit: NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, LRO, Instagram

  • The strawberry moon rises over Stonehenge, UK

    Credit: Rex

  • The moon behind the ancient temple of Poseidon in Athens, Greece

    Credit: Petros Giannakouris/AP Photo, Instagram

  • The sun sets over Stonehenge on summer solstice, UK

    Credit: Rex

  • The moon rises over Glastonbury, UK

    Credit: Getty

  • The strawberry moon shortly after moonrise, over the North Sea, Scotland

    Credit: Rex

  • A snapshot of the moon setting in Johannesburg City, South Africa

    Credit: Shaneio Dyers, Instagram

  • A slice of summer solstice in Utah, US

    Credit: Scot Weaver of World Photo Creations, Instagram

  • The moon peeks out of the sky over Arizona, US

    Credit: Sean Parker Photography, Instagram

  • Revellers make their way to Stonehenge, UK in the sunset

    Credit: Rex

  • The strawberry moon in Jones Beach, US

    Credit: Stephen F, Instagram

  • The full moon in Toronto, Canada

    Credit: Nancy B, Instagram

  • The strawberry moon looms over San Diego, California, US

    Credit: Ryan Rosa, Instagram

  • The strawberry moon rises over Essex, UK

    Credit: Rex

  • A strawberry moon in a blue sky, New Jersey, US

    Credit: Ben Wurst, Instagram

  • The summer solstice in Montana, US

    Credit: Ruthanne E, Instagram

  • The strawberry moon glows pink over New York City, US

    Credit: Kevin Ly, Instagram

  • The longest day of the year captured in London, UK

    Credit: Lisa Newanne, Instagram