The 10 most delectable hangover cures from around the world

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Emily Badiozzaman
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There are better cures to last night's repercussions than hiding under your duvet, cradling a bottle of Lucozade. We've curated some of the best hangover cures from around the world, when a pint of water before bed just doesn't cut it. 

The idea of shots passing your lips may make you weep, but Peruvians swear by knocking back some tiger's milk. And it turns out poutine isn't just for post-bar escapades. 

Take a look through our gallery and you'll never convince yourself that hair of the dog is a good idea again. 

Main image: Kaya Toast from Mud Hen Tavern.

  • Peru: Leche De Tigre

    ‘Tiger’s milk’ refers to the lime-y marinade used in ceviche. It’s what makes it so good. Drinking it straight has been said to levanter muertos, “raise the dead”, which sounds like it would do a job. 

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  • Senegal: Jassa

    It’s worth making this the day before and saving the leftovers for the next day’s hangover. But the tangy spice in this traditional hangover dish will sweep away the cobwebs and drive away any lingering toxins. 

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  • Canada: Poutine

    Unlike kebabs, poutine is just as good the next day as it is on the night in question. But its goals are similar – to soak up the alcohol.

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  • USA: Prairie Oyster

    Don’t worry, there isn’t an actual oyster in it. Just a raw, whole egg yolk. It’s salty, has a shot of vodka and sherry in it and will knock your hangover out of the park. The shot of cysteine you get from the egg will also mop up what’s left of last night’s alcohol.

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  • Thailand: Pad Kee Mao

    Appropriately named ‘drunken noodles’ this plate of goodness fills you up, soothes your stomach and soaks up the alcohol all at once. 

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  • Ecuador: Oregano Tea

    Oregano tea is a home remedy for everything to do with your lower abdomen, be it period pains or a boozy belly. Steep some fresh oregano in some boiling water and add a teaspoon of honey.

  • Japan: Umeboshi

    Looking to Japan for hangover cures is a wise idea. If you don’t go for a cup of miso soup, or a bowl of soothing ramen then opt for umeboshi. The pickled sour plums help digestion, liver function and nausea, targeting all the key areas suffering from last night. 

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  • Malaysia: Kaya Toast

    Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will all claim that kaya is theirs. But to be honest, we’re just glad the coconut jam exists. It’s made out of eggs, coconut and sugar and is South East Asia’s answer to Nutella. Except it’s not just a sweet treat, the coconut (which we all know is a wonderfood) and eggs will help battle your hangover.

    We suggest smothering it on a crispy slice of toast and topping it with a runny scrambled egg (as seen in the main picture).

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  • Croatia: Burek

    This traditional hangover cure is essentially carb heaven – it’s cheese wrapped in pastry. Or meat wrapped in pastry, but would you really turn down fried cheese parcels? The Croatians believe that the bite-size nibbles soak up any leftover alcohol.

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  • UK: Fry-Up

    You know what to do. 

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