These beautiful images of lonely houses will give you a serious case of wanderlust

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We spend a disproportionate amount of time fantasising about our dream holiday, alternately picturing ourselves on a deserted beach while it rains relentlessly outside, or imagining the exotic foods we could be tasting while picking at a sandwich at our desk.

But sometimes, our dream holiday is simply a trip that takes us away from everything – and everyone – around us.

So we’ve been given a serious case of wanderlust by the whimsically beautiful images of “lonely houses” currently taking Instagram by storm.

Pictured by scientist-turned-photographer Manuela Pita, the images capture gorgeously constructed houses standing solo around the world.

From a red and white striped candy cane house sitting atop a sand dune (above), to a crumbling one-story building with intricately detailed steps (below), the photographs capture the beauty of isolation.

Intriguingly, the locations of the houses are never tagged in the photos, adding an air of mystery to the project.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Sejkko detailed how the project began when he was walking through his hometown of Madeira with his iPhone.

“Two and a half years ago I was, like almost every summer, in my family home in the island of Madeira and passed by the house of the old doctor that used to see people in the little town my parents come from,” he said.

“I saw my drawings in that lonely house, and happened to have my iPhone. The whole thing started there. I posted one to Instagram, then another, and another.”

“It has become quite a journey for me,” he added.

See more of his images below, and be inspired to get away from it all in 2017...

The Nordic White House . . #sejkko_lonelyhouses

A photo posted by Manuel Pita (@sejkko) on


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