This adorable pup followed a Google Street View mapper and is in ALL of the photos

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Nicola Rachel Colyer

When a Street View mapper was tasked with capturing a remote South Korean island that has only two residents, they probably didn’t expect much company on their journey.

But in the most epic of photobombs, a friendly pup decided to play host and get its 15 minutes of fame.

Leading the photographer on a trail that runs around the island, the dog never strayed too far away and as a result it can been seen in almost every. single. image.

dog google street view south korea
Leading the way, the pup quickly adopted the role of tour guide

The photographer – who was working for Daum, a South Korean Google-esque platform – set out to capture images around the island of Jukdo, a tiny but idyllic landscape just off the larger island of Ulleungdo, South Korea.

Measuring just 734 metres long and 482 wide, there are no roads on the island so the photographer traded in the usual street car for a backpack device designed to capture the most remote locations.

Google street view trekker backpack
The Google Street View Trekker used to capture remote locations

As the photographer made their way along the rural paths, taking in the lush green landscapes and sweeping sea views, they couldn’t help but capture the pooch whom was hot on their heels.

And it seems that the canine performed its adopted role admirably, as it quickly took to leading the way...

south korea google street view photobomb
'Follow me...'

Stopping regularly to make sure the photographer was keeping up...

adorable dog south korea street view
'Are you coming?'

Before taking a detour to its favourite picnic spot...

dog south korea island google street view cute
'This is my favourite spot, come see...'

We think that might just be the best job ever. Where do we apply?

Images: Daum

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Images: Google Street View


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