Someone is crowd-funding to create the world's first vagina museum

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Hayley Spencer
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There is a penis museum in Iceland, and a museum dedicated to sex in Amsterdam, but no vagina museum in existence anywhere in the world. So one woman has decided that she needs to fill the void.

The idea for the museum was born when founder and UK vlogger Florence Schechter was trying to research for a video on animal’s vaginas. Her research reached a dead end, when it had been comparably easy to obtain the facts needed to create a similar video on penises in the animal kingdom.

She concluded that there needs to be a dedicated place to learn about vaginas, and everything related to consent and health. So she set about making it a reality.

While there are travelling artworks like the Great Wall of Vaginas and a virtual vagina museum there’s no “physical space wholly dedicated to the vagina,” explains Schechter on the museum’s website.

Schechter explains that she aims to create a space in London dedicated to displaying “a holistic view of vaginas”, by representing “the variety of people and animals who have them, and their place in culture”.

The museum would aim to run free exhibitions, events – like plays and concerts and provide community outreach into underrepresented fields like STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and politics. Schechter would also like a cafe serving vagina cupcakes and selling themed merchandise.

The museum is still funding in order to make the dream a reality, but in order to start getting its name out there, its first event, a feminist comedy night, will take place on May 19 at Unit 5 Gallery, London.

Watch the Vagina Museum’s crowd funding video below. You can donate here.

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