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Stylist is proud to present the world’s first suffragette emoji

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Megan Murray
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We’ve brought the suffragettes into 2018 with an all-new emoji. Here’s how to use it.  

In 1918, suffragettes showed that they supported gender equality by adopting a distinctive uniform. But in the 100 years since some women first won the right to vote, technology has evolved at breakneck speed – and now, Stylist has created the ultimate modern representation of the suffrage movement.

To celebrate the centenary of property-owning women over 30 being given the right to vote, we’ve teamed up with Twitter to create the world’s first suffragette emoji. Attached to the hashtags #StylistSuffragette and #Stylist100, the emoji will appear on Twitter from midday on Tuesday 6 February until Monday 12 February.

Suffragettes typically wore their finest clothes to be taken seriously when protesting, and our smartly-attired emoji comes complete with the ubiquitous sash and band around her hat in the distinctive shades of purple, green and white. Leading suffragette Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, business manager of the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), originally picked these colours because of their symbolic meaning: purple for loyalty and dignity, green for hope and white for purity. 

Behold, the Stylist suffragette emoji 

The #StylistSuffragette emoji isn’t the only way Stylist is paying tribute to the 100th anniversary of votes for (some) women. has been given a sepia makeover – our imagining of what a website might have looked like in 1918. (If you’re reading on your phone and came to this article via Facebook or Twitter, you might still be seeing our regular 2018 colour scheme of white and turquoise. Hop over to our homepage in your mobile internet browser for the full vintage effect).

On Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 February, meanwhile, the Suffragette issue of Stylist will hit the streets in cities around the UK. This special collectors’ edition of the print magazine has been completely redesigned to echo the style of a periodical from 1918: all the better to tell the heroic stories of those who fought for inequality before us and highlight the work of present-day feminist activists.

We hope you enjoy using the #StylistSuffragette emoji to honour the women who fought for the rights of future generations. 

Stylist is celebrating the 100th anniversary of some women getting the vote. See more of our commemorative content here.  

Main image: Heather Schwartz / Stylist