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Sadiq Khan tells us his 3 biggest tips for women breaking into politics

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The London Mayor on how to make it in politics

We already know that there’s a problem with women in politics – research has shown that less than a third of MPs and 41% of UK MEPs are women. After the 2017 election, the British parliament was placed at 41st in the women’s representation league tables – certainly room for improvement there. 

And at other levels of government, the figures are similarly low – meaning we have to take action from the ground up.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has focused on diversity throughout his career, meaning he acutely understands the issue. Here are his top tips for women hoping to break into politics and public service.

1. Get stuck in

“Do it! Get involved. It’s so important. The real problem is the lack of women in politics. Join a mainstream political party, ask the right questions, and get involved.”

2. Get to know other women

“Get to know other women in the organisation. They can be role models, they can be mentors.” 

3. Be ambitious

“Be ambitious. Really feel like you can do anything. Aim for the skies.” 



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