4 ways to take the stress out of wedding season

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Heading to a wedding? Get ready for the big day with our top tips…

The key to a perfect wedding? Planning – and we’re not just talking if you’re the bride or groom.

Making the most of someone else’s beautiful union takes it’s own kind of planning, from what you’re going to wear to where you’re going to lay your very hazy head at the end of the night (Premier Inn is always better than someone’s sofa).  

For any last-minute preparations (because there’s always something), here are four ways to make sure the day is as fun and carefree as possible.  

Break in your shoes… with a hairdryer

woman with pink pleated skirt

You know what makes any party miserable? Sore feet. 

So, when it comes to those dancing shoes it really does pay to make sure they’re worn in. Sure, you could wear them around the house with thick socks for a week, but who has the time? 

Instead, put them on over socks and give them a blast with the hairdryer on a low heat. Aim for the part that’s tight. Let them cool and then try them without the socks on. 

Trust us – when the end of the night rolls around, you’ll still be throwing your best moves.

Set your alarm for a lie in

It’s probably the weekend, or you’ve had to take a day off, so your gift to yourself and your stress levels should be waking up no earlier than 10am. 

Ideally you want to avoid getting up at the crack of dawn and doing a mad Four Weddings And A Funeral-inspired dash to the service, just because your digs looked closer on Google Maps than they are in reality.  

Be one of those smug people who rolls out of a luxury Hypnos® bed at their conveniently located Premier Inn (they have 750 hotels, so you’re bound to find one near by), having had a full breakfast (served until 11am on weekends, subject to hotel) and nonchalantly answers “Oh, I’m just staying down the road” to the cliche small talk question “So, how did you get here?”. 

Plan your outfit for all weather

Young woman in a romantic dress and a coat enjoying in the field

The secret to a hard-working wedding outfit is versatility. 

Because no matter how many times you check the forecast, you never really know what our glorious British weather is going to throw your way. 

Layering is the key here (as is an emergency brolly), so think about popping on an extra layer under your coat. 

And whether your favourite hero piece is a dress, jumpsuit or skirt-and-top combo, make sure it works just as well with your coat or jumper.

That way, whether you’re snapped inside or out in a gale, you’ll still look fabulous.

Figure out your getaway

Mobile Taxi Service. Smartphone, mobile phone app. Modern transportation service

Don’t panic, but… Uber don’t operate outside major cities. 

We know, shocking. 

So, this means you’re going to have to make alternative plans. Don’t rely on calling a rural taxi firm on the night to pick you up from that marquee in a field somewhere – if you’re really remote, it’s not going to happen. 

Instead, book ahead with, an online price comparison site covering over 300 towns across the UK, so you know you’re getting the best deal, too. Win-win.

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