DIY: giant paper flowers for your wedding

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We had to share this brilliant DIY paper flower tutorial with you. If only so you can fantasise about prancing around fields with giant flowers. Hopefully, you will actually take the time to make them, too.

The idea came from a US couple called Nata and Jess, who married in 2011. Inspired by a template created by Morgan Levine on Martha Stewart, the couple created giant paper flowers in place of traditional floral arrangements. It's cheap, effective and personal.

A special thank you to the couple for the tutorial, and to Jen Campbell, the brains behind LA-based website Green Wedding Shoes for sharing the story with us.


Photography by Studio Castillero

Materials (to make one giant rose)

• 1 Roll of floral tape

• 6 18-gauge floral stem wire

• 4 sheets of doublette crepe paper for petals

• 1 sheet of doublette crepe paper in green for leaves, calyx, stem

• 1 round pencil

• Craft glue

• Crepe paper templates (download from Martha Stewart)

• 3 copies of teardrop template

• 8 copies of the heart-shaped template

• 2 copies of the leaf template

• 1 copy of the calyx template

Step 1: Cut the petals

Cut 5-6 teardrop petals and 15-6 heart-shaped petals from the petal colored crepe paper.

VERY IMPORTANT: Crepe paper is directional so it matters which way you’re cutting the paper. Make sure the grain is vertical when you’re cutting the flower pieces.

Stack two pieces of crepe paper on top of each other then place one copy of template over the crepe paper and staple. I don’t recommend cutting more than two layers of crepe paper at a time since the edges won’t be cut as cleanly.

Repeat until all of your petals are cut

Step 2: Cut the leaves and calyx

Cut three leaves and one calyx from the green crepe paper.

Step 3: Make the rose stem

Take three pieces of stem wire and wrap in floral tape.

Step 4: Shape the petals

With both hands, pull from the center of the petal outward. This will create a cupping of the paper (which is what gives it the petal-like quality). Turn petal over and use the round pencil to curl the top of the petal.

Step 5: Create the rose bud – the inner part of the rose

Take one teardrop shaped petal and wrap around the taped floral wire from Step 3. Use more floral tape to secure. Repeat working your way around the floral wire until all of the teardrop shaped petals are use.

Step 6: Make the rose bloom –the outer part of the rose

Take one heart-shaped petal and wrap around the rose bud, secure with floral tape. Repeat until all petals have been used.

Step 7: Make the leaf-stems

Take three loose pieces of floral wire and using craft glue, wrap each one with green crepe paper. Take one leaf and one crepe paper wrapped floral wire from step 10 and glue together. Repeat two more times.

Step 8: Add calyx to rose

Wrap the calyx around the base of the rose bloom and secure with floral tape.

Cover the floral tape area with more crepe paper.

Step 9: Add leaf-stems to rose

Using craft glue, secure each of the three leaf-stems to the rose stem. I found it helpful to use binder clips to hold the stems together while the glue was drying.