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I want to wear a jumpsuit on my wedding day


Elinor Block might do away with a traditional dress and opt for an all-in-one. Good or bad idea?

I can imagine your eyes are rolling as you read that headline. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculously hipster but it’s something I’ve been considering over the past few months. Mainly it’s because I haven’t found a dress I really love yet. And every time I do try anything on, I feel like I’m playing at being a sophisticated lady. As if I'm actually eight years old and I've put on mum's lipstick and too-big high heels, and I'm clomping around the house until someone tells me I'm not old enough to be wearing that.

A jumpsuit is different. I've already got a fair few in my wardrobe and every time I wear one, I always get compliments. They hide many areas of my body I'm not happy with and make me feel much more 'streamlined'. OK, so I know I’m not going to look like Gisele on my big day (for starters I’d have to grow about five foot) but I want to look the best I can.

Clearly I’m not alone in this, as there are many bridal shops and retailers that have included the bridal jumpsuit in their collections. J. Crew has a lovely chic, tapered leg version with pretty bows down the back to keep up some sort of traditional aspect to the style, and Temperley, which is a classic British go-to shop for many brides, stocks an equally pretty cream lace number.

I’ve selected a few below, one of which I might just end up wearing on my big day.

Elinor is online writer for Stylist. Follow her posts on the Wedding Blog here and on Twitter here @nellblock

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