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The Stylist Wedding Blog: I've found the most important thing: the cake

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Elinor Block has found her wedding cake…

Years ago I made a decision that when I got married I would, under no circumstances, have a fruit cake. It’s not just that I dislike swathes of marzipan and Royal icing, it’s that I hate fruit cake. I mean I really despise it. Just thinking about it makes me dry-heave.

With fruit cake banned, I wanted to find the perfect place that would make me a delicious chocolate cake, which wouldn’t include creepy little people on the top either. As I’m getting married in Sheffield, I went with a local bakery and restaurant called Fancie. It’s managed to attain a somewhat legendary status for its cupcakes (I’ve been known to eat a couple or five in one sitting), so it seemed like the ideal place.

To design my perfect cake, I spoke to the owner Amanda Perry, who knew exactly what I was after - no silly, over-the-top stuff, just a cake which people will actually want to eat, rather than keep and then throw away BECAUSE NO ONE IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS ACTUALLY LIKES FRUIT CAKE.

So, here it is. My cake. Obviously, it’s not been made yet seeing as the wedding isn’t until August, but this is what it will look like eventually - three simple layers of sponge and butter icing, except it’ll be chocolate. I can also use the flowers I’m having on the day to decorate the cake, which is a lovely touch.

Can I just eat it now?


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