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Doing your own wedding make-up? We asked MAC senior make-up artist Debbie Finnegan for her top tips on achieving brilliant eyebrows...

“Ensure your eyebrow begins, arches and ends in the correct place. A brow that is too short can make the eyes appear smaller. Hold a pencil along the side of the nostril to extend vertically and reach past the inner eye (see diagram) this is the correct starting point. Then move the pencil diagonally from the side of the nostril to the pupil of the eye – this is where the highest point of the brow arch should fall. Lastly, move the pencil to the side of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye to guide you where the brow should end.

"A brow that is too short can make the eyes appear smaller," says MAC senior artist Debbie Finnegan

"Next look at the 'underneath' of the eyebrow (where the brow runs parallel with the lash line). For a classic eyebrow shape, create a straight line that runs from the inner corner to the arch of the brow (see diagram 2) and then from the highest point of the arch down.

"Finally, colour: unless your brows are very fair, choose a colour that is a shade lighter than your natural hair/brow hair colour, this will allow you to add depth and density with out making the feature appear heavy.”

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