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You've found your photographer and the videographer is booked but have you rehearsed your marryoke routine? Yes, marryoke AKA the visual culmination of you, your betrothed and possibly your entire wedding congregation singing along to a song of your choice and japing around for a film crew.

The trend started in 2009 but has picked up pace as couples seek more unusual ways to capture their wedding day, with companies such as Marryokes, Perfect Video Today and TDH Media offering the service.

The way it works: choose your song (Dont' Stop Me Now is a favourite, as is I Had The Time Of My Life), select your cast, choreograph your routine and book a film crew. Marryoke usually takes place on the wedding day, with guests filmed throughout the day and edited after.

We're torn in the office: half the team would love to do it; the other half had to watch marryoke videos through their fingers, their faces crumpled up in horror. Would you do it? Watch these videos of couples doing marryoke and tell us your thoughts in the comments section below...


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