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Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin play a couple pushed to their limits in Adrift, a devastating disaster story set at sea

Hollywood disaster movies tend to follow a tried-and-tested formula. 

Gather a huge, dispensable cast, then subject them to a fictional, over-the-top super-calamity. 

Adrift is refreshingly different: based on real-life events, it shows the impact of a hurricane on a devastatingly intimate, human scale. 

In 1983, Tami Oldham Ashcraft and Richard Sharp embarked on what was meant to be the trip of a lifetime.

 Their voyage across the Pacific was supposed to be one of romance and sunsets, but the couple suddenly found themselves sailing straight into the eye of Hurricane Raymond – one of the most catastrophic tropical storms in recorded history.

Adrift dramatises those true-life events, blending maritime spectacle with survivalist grit. 

Almost as quickly as they fall in love, Tami (played by Shailene Woodley) and Richard (Sam Claflin) are thrust into a life-or-death situation as their boat is battered by 40ft waves and 140mph winds whipped up by the category four storm.

At the peak of the hurricane, Richard suffers a serious injury, leaving Tami the only one capable of navigating the thousand mile journey back to dry land. 

As her will is tested, the story flashes back to how the two adventurers fell for each other after meeting in idyllic Tahiti. What ensues is a gripping tale of love and disaster led by Woodley, giving a career-best performance as a woman who goes to amazing lengths to keep them alive. 

She’s undoubtedly the star of the film, appearing in almost every shot, and brings a striking authenticity to a demanding role. Combined with the chemistry she shares with Claflin, it’s impossible to pry your eyes away from Adrift for even a second. 

Brilliantly helmed by the director of Everest, Adrift will take you on a heart-wrenching journey of suspense and drama. Among the agony and grit is a moving story about the power of love and the strength of one woman against all odds.

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