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Whether it’s a coat, a crop or simply a colour, some fashion trends take off on social media in a big way – and new data reveals what we’re into by country.

From the type of person we wish to be seen as and the political sentiments we admire, right down to the foods we like and the animal pictures we find vaguely distracting in the middle of a busy Monday, our many social feeds give away a lot about us.

And that obviously goes for our style preferences too – especially on Instagram, where fashion is big business and anyone can snap a picture of their #ootd (that’s ‘outfit of the day’ to the uninitiated) and have it uploaded in seconds.

Now one brand has collated global data to find out exactly which fashion trends have been making waves across the globe.

The research, conducted by clothing brand Long Tall Sally, reveals the most Instagrammed trends by country, with the UK favouring statement footwear – the most popular fashion hashtag of 2017 so far is #Metallicshoes, with more than 6,300 posts (as exemplified by the Zara heels in the picture above).

Meanwhile, other countries are definitely more into their outerwear, with Italy favouring #BeltedCoats (7,700 posts), Sweden into #PufferCoats (2,400 posts), East Coast USA favouring #FauxFurColouredCoats (4,900 posts) and Denmark loving #CheckBlazers (2,100 posts).

Other trends were leaning toward a more general style or colour, with South Korea devoting a huge 15,600 posts to #OversizedSleeves, Thailand tagging #MillennialPink 15,400 times, and Brazil going for #CamoPrint (1,900 hashtags).

The ever-adored French sense of style pegged #WhiteTees as 2017’s trend, with 6,200 hashtags, while Japan tagged 3,300 posts with #Berets and Colombia boasted its love of #TasselEarrings with 7,300 posts.

So if you fancy taking inspiration from global fashionistas, the list of 20 countries analysed by Long Tall Sally, which released the data to launch its emerging talent fashion campaign #CURATDBY, can be found below.

2017’s Most Instagrammed Fashion Trends

1. Tassel earrings in Columbia – 7,257 posts

2. Panelled suits in Germany – 14,049 posts

3. Off the shoulder in Nigeria – 2,420 posts

4. Oversized sleeves in South Korea – 15,638 posts

5. White tees in France – 6,169 posts

6. Belted coats in Italy – 7,650 posts

7. Metallic shoes in UK – 6,369 posts

8. Berets in Japan - 3,259 posts

9. Faux fur coloured coats in USA (East Coast) – 4,885 posts

10. Logo tees in USA (West Coast) – 4,180 posts

11. Badges in Ukraine – 4,018 posts

12. Voluminous skirts in Senegal – 6,204 posts

13. Puffer coats in Sweden – 2,394 posts

14. Stripes in Georgia – 2,752 posts

15. Embellished clutches in UAE – 5,088 posts

16. Cropped trousers in Australia – 6,910 posts

17. Camo print in Brazil – 1,895 posts

18. Check blazers in Denmark – 2,123 posts

19. Millennial pink in Thailand – 15,411 posts

20. Straw bags in Spain – 7,793 posts              

Image: Zara


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