Prepare for pain-free runs with this all-over leg strengthening workout

The key to great running is strengthening key muscles. It’s not enough to build powerful quads – you need switched-on glutes, a strong core and calves capable of absorbing shock. This bodyweight workout will strengthen and activate each of those key muscle groups before getting you to practise your jogging form. You’ll be giving Dina Asher-Smith a run for her money in no time… 

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Research has discovered the simplest way to improve your fitness if you have a desk job

If you’re a desk-bound worker, you’ve probably been made to panic about the health impact of sitting down for at least eight hours a day. Don’t. The latest (and best) news is that you don’t have to train for hours, hit 10,000 steps a day or buy a standing desk to counteract the negative effects of sedentary working. 

A new study shows that doing a specific form of exercise for an extra 17 minutes is enough to improve fitness and long-term markers of health, without adding anything else fancy on top. To find out more, we asked a physiologist to explain the science behind the research. 


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Power up your next workout

If you’ve ever found your legs feeling like lead halfway through a run, or seen your arms start to wobble mid-lift, you’ll know there’s nothing worse than attempting a workout without the right energy levels going in. That’s why Clif’s range of plant-based energy bars are a must-add ingredient to any successful fitness regime. Purposely crafted with an optimal blend of protein, fat and carbs, they’re packed full of wholesome, delicious ingredients guaranteed to keep you moving, whether you’re a part-time gym-goer or religiously training for your next marathon. Choose from a wide range of flavours, including chocolate chip, peanut butter and blueberry crisp, and make sure you never attempt a workout while you’re running on empty.

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Start your 14-day free trial and join Strong Women Training Club’s Emma Obayuvana for a series of live mobility workouts designed to improve flexibility, reduce risk of injury and build lean muscle. Taking place at 8:15am every Wednesday in September, these sessions are the perfect way to start the day. In addition to the live classes, your trial membership gives you full access to over 80 pre-recorded workout classes, 140 how-to videos and more than 200 expert articles. 


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Tuck into pizza that’s as just as good as your body as it is for your tastebuds

If you’re someone who can’t make a recipe without doubling the required amounts of onion and garlic, rejoice. Those guys do more than just pack in flavour – they’re also loaded with a heap of vitamin C. In fact, a cup of onions contains over 13% of an adult’s recommended daily intake of the immune-supporting, viral-busting nutrient and some studies also show that onion’s antioxidants may reduce the risk of heart disease and inflammation. 

And if you needed another excuse to make this jammy, onion-smothered pizza, the fact it’s topped with calcium-rich goat’s cheese and iron-packed fortified flour are two more. But let’s be honest – you were sold at the word ‘pizza’.


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